How Do You Incorporate Client Feedback into a Dietary Plan?

How Do You Incorporate Client Feedback into a Dietary Plan?

We've gathered insights from five nutrition experts on the vital role of client feedback in enhancing their services. From licensed nutritionists to registered dietitians, these professionals share how they integrate suggestions to improve client satisfaction, including leveraging Google Reviews in marketing, and gathering resources tailored to client needs.

  • Leverage Google Reviews in Marketing
  • Tailor Recommendations to Local Stores
  • Offer Meal-Delivery Options for Busy Clients
  • Incorporate Feedback for Collaborative Growth
  • Gather Resources Based on Client Needs

Leverage Google Reviews in Marketing

Feedback from Google reviews has been incorporated into our marketing efforts, which we add to our weekly newsletter. People are very receptive to Google reviews. I often hear that they saw the reviews and chose our clinic!

Marcie Vaske
Marcie VaskeLicensed Nutritionist, Oswald Digestive Clinic

Tailor Recommendations to Local Stores

When I began working with clients, I noticed a recurring challenge—they often felt overwhelmed by the nutrition recommendations I provided, finding it difficult to practically apply the information with a multitude of options in their local stores, such as selecting snack bars without certain ingredients or with specific nutritional profiles. This feedback was crucial; it highlighted a gap between my recommendations and their execution.

To bridge this, I started to tailor my suggestions to the inventory of my clients' preferred grocery stores, which I reviewed online. This approach not only streamlined their shopping experience, but also ensured that the recommendations were realistic and actionable within their immediate environment. Clients have found this personalized strategy extremely helpful, as it reduces the stress of label-checking and ensures that they can find the recommended products easily.

This adjustment in my practice not only enhances adherence to nutritional plans, but also deepens my understanding of available food products, allowing me to make even better-informed recommendations. Overall, this shift has significantly improved the practical application of medical nutrition therapy for my clients.

Danielle Gaffen
Danielle GaffenRegistered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Eat Well Crohn's Colitis

Offer Meal-Delivery Options for Busy Clients

Listening to my clients' needs is key to meeting them where they are. I have worked with several clients who were at a busy time in their lives, and did not have the time to prioritize cooking. So, in a few of these cases, we decided together that a meal-delivery service was the best option for them to make healthful meal choices. They were pleased with this plan, and returned for further nutrition consultations with me, due to being given some grace during that period of their lives.

Jenna Stedman
Jenna StedmanCognitive Performance Dietitian, Master Nutrition Lab

Incorporate Feedback for Collaborative Growth

Nutrition professionals must work in solidarity with their clients. It's a collaborative relationship, so their feedback is not only important for their own progress, but also for improving the nutrition professionals' practice. I particularly like feedback about how I can better deliver information, such as better meeting someone's level of education, health literacy level, and being more culturally appropriate.

The feedback can be used for both your overall practice, as well as to work with that one client more effectively. An example of how feedback works mutually for the client and for the nutrition professional is when someone is in the action stage of readiness for change. By the client self-evaluating and providing feedback about their progress (or lack thereof), it not only enlightens them, but also provides insights for the nutrition professional to adapt recommendations and interventions.

Jay Patruno
Jay PatrunoRegistered Dietitian, NourishRX

Gather Resources Based on Client Needs

As a dietitian who is just starting out in my career, I recognize I have a lot to learn and experience. Naturally, I welcome a lot of feedback. I'm grateful for the feedback I receive and try to incorporate it as best as I can.

One example is a client who wanted me to help her look for low-carb slow-cooker and salad recipes for her insulin resistance. I did not have any resources to give her at that moment, but I spent time afterwards gathering the information she requested and provided it for her. This not only helped me provide resources for her, but also ensured that I had additional resources on hand for future clients.

Jonathan Conley
Jonathan ConleyRegistered Dietitian

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